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If the law of attraction and therapeutic photography got together and made a baby:



- Dre Erwin

aurora borealis pinehouse lake youth looking at the northenr lights

Numerous doors will present themselves in your life; your choice to step through them defines your journey.

Welcome to PhotoVibe, where the art of therapeutic photography meets the transformative energy of the law of attraction. Immerse yourself in the empowering essence of PhotoVibe – your gateway to using therapeutic photography not just for personal enrichment but to uplift those around you. Embark on an empowering journey as you explore captivating galleries, engage in interactive workshops, and unlock exclusive offers designed to enrich your path. Let us be your guide in unleashing the potential of therapeutic photography, enhancing your positivity and life satisfaction. Join us today and take that crucial step toward a more fulfilling life. Together, we'll embrace positivity, magnify joy, and elevate our lives to new heights within the remarkable world of PhotoVibe.

by DREERWIN Photography™
est 2015 

Indigenous Culture aurora borealis over some trees in Canada

Focus. Attract. Achieve.

A gorgeous Sunset in Pinehouse Lake

"Photography has a unique way of allowing us to momentarily escape the burdens and focus on the often overlooked beauty around us."  

- Dre Erwin

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Unlock Inspiration and Empowerment Through PhotoVibe

Join a community dedicated to cultivating inspiration and guiding individuals in using the Law of Attraction via therapeutic photography. Here, we share insights, resources, and techniques that harness the creative power of photography to foster positive mental shifts.

Embrace a space where inspiration meets practical guidance. Engage in discussions, discover tools, and learn how to infuse the Law of Attraction into your life and the lives of others through the art of therapeutic photography. Connect with like-minded individuals and explore the transformative potential of every snapshot.