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PhotoVibe Equipment Donation Guide

Mailing Address:

Dre Erwin Photography
319 Sangster Boulevard
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8V3

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Thank you for considering a donation to PhotoVibe and Dre Erwin Photography. Your contribution plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to capture and celebrate moments that matter.


We invite donations of gently used camera equipment and cell phones, which directly enhance our efforts in working with youth and fostering community engagement. This initiative particularly benefits Métis and First Nations youth in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada. Through the use of PhotoVibe and therapeutic photography, your generosity helps empower these young individuals through the transformative impact of visual expression and storytelling.

Accepted Equipment:


We accept donations of gently used camera equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Digital Cameras

  • Lenses

  • Tripods

  • Camera Bags

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Accessories

How to Donate:

  1. Contact Us: If you have equipment to donate, please send an email to with the subject line "Equipment Donation Inquiry." In the email, provide a brief description of the items you wish to donate and their overall condition.

  2. Confirmation: Our team will review your email promptly and respond to confirm the acceptance of the donation. We may request additional details or images of the equipment to ensure it aligns with our current needs.

  3. Shipping Information: Once your donation is confirmed, we will provide you with detailed shipping instructions, including the preferred courier service and any necessary documentation. Please pack the equipment securely to prevent damage during transit.

  4. Shipping Costs: While we greatly appreciate your donation, we currently operate on a donation basis and are unable to cover shipping costs. We encourage donors to consider this when planning their contributions.

  5. Acknowledgment: Upon receiving your donation, we will send you an acknowledgment email, expressing our gratitude for your generous contribution.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and includes all necessary accessories.

  • If you are donating a high-value item, please consider including insurance during shipping for added protection.


How PhotoVibe is Saving Lives

Watch CBC's National Award winning documentary on the Pinehouse Photography Club and therapeutic Photography

Thank you for endorsing PhotoVibe and Dre Erwin Photography. Your kindness enhances our capacity to capture and share poignant moments through the medium of photography. Your contribution facilitates the provision of cameras and equipment to youth in rural and remote areas worldwide, where financial constraints often limit access to such resources. In these regions, PhotoVibe becomes a valuable tool, aiding in addressing mental health challenges and addiction issues. Your support profoundly impacts the lives of these young individuals, offering them opportunities for creativity, expression, and healing.

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