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Image of Dre Erwin, an RNAAP (Registered Nurse in Advanced Authorized Practice), and someone else assisting a patient into an ambulance outside their house in Pinehouse Lake. The patient appears to be on a stretcher and immobilized ambulance is parked on the gravel driveway and there is snow everywhere and look cold.
Registered Nurses in Canada's Northern Regions: Champions of Independence and Leadership in Healthcare

On the Frontline of Rural & Remote Healthcare Documentary 

DREERWIN Photography

Spotlighting Nurses in Remote Communities

In remote Métis and First Nations communities, the scarcity of physicians poses a significant healthcare challenge. Registered nurses step in as lifelines, residing and working closely with these communities, often becoming extended family. Beyond medical care, they bring cultural understanding, ensuring personalized and effective healthcare experiences. Embracing Advanced Authorized Practice (AAP), these nurses expand their role, catering to diverse community needs and showcasing remarkable commitment and impact in Canada's North.

The Crucial Role of Registered Nurses in Remote Communities

A Documentary Wavelength Entertainment and by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN)

In the vast and remote areas, especially within Métis and First Nations communities, the scarcity of healthcare professionals, particularly physicians, remains a pressing challenge. Often, these professionals can only visit for a few days each month. In this context, the invaluable role of registered nurses who reside and work closely with these local communities cannot be overstated. They not only provide critical healthcare services but also establish profound connections with community members, often becoming an integral part of their extended family.

These dedicated nurses offer more than just medical care; they bring a deep understanding of the patient's unique cultural and social context to the forefront. This ensures that healthcare experiences are not only timely but also deeply personalized and effective.

In response to the pressing healthcare needs in these remote regions, Registered Nurses have embraced Advanced Authorized Practice (AAP). This expanded role empowers them to deliver a wider spectrum of healthcare services, catering to the diverse and unique needs of the communities they serve. It's a testament to their unwavering commitment, leadership, and the profound impact they have on the healthcare landscape in Canada's North.

Dr. Samantha Henly passionately discusses the challenges and triumphs of rural and remote healthcare in the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) documentary
"Everyone deserves the same level of care, regardless of where they life."

Dr Samantha Henly

On the Frontline of Rural & Remote Healthcare

Explore 'On the Frontline of Rural & Remote Healthcare,' a compelling production brought to you by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses and Wavelength Entertainment. I had the privilege of being a part of this project as a nurse, and it offers an insightful view into the challenges and dedication of healthcare providers in Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. Join us on this visual journey that celebrates the resilience of those who ensure healthcare reaches every corner of our communities. - Dre Erwin

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Commercial:

Pinehouse Lake with youth Skyler Lariviere sitting down and talking to CBC Saskatchewan about the Pinehouse Photography Club

Discover the impact of nurses and other healthcare professionals as they create positive change within their communities

RNAAP Nurse Dre Erwin during a commercial and documentary shoot for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses on a cold day.

Dre Erwin, a dedicated primary care nurse RN(AAP) in northern Saskatchewan, played a central role when the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) reached out to embark on an essential mission. Alongside the renowned filmmaker Chris Triffo and the creative forces of Wavelength Entertainment, they joined hands to produce a compelling documentary and commercial that shed light on the unique challenges faced in rural and remote healthcare settings.

In the creation of this poignant narrative, two exceptional individuals, Dr. Samantha Henly now star of Mobile MD for 3 seasons, and the late Dr. Youseff Albegamy, both cherished friends of Dre Erwin, contributed significantly. Their wisdom and dedication enriched the project, infusing it with a profound understanding of healthcare in remote regions.

Dr Samantha Henly Mobile MD
In this captivating image, Dr. Youseff Albegamy is pictured on the phone during a commercial shoot at a movie theatre in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The cheerful presence of Dre Erwin, a dedicated nurse who also played a vital role in the documentary, can be seen smiling as she watches Dr. Albegamy on the screen. It's a moment that beautifully illustrates the synergy of healthcare and storytelling in our journey to share vital messages.

Frontlines of Rural & Remote Healthcare:

Dre Erwin nurse, in front of an airplane at the Pinehouse Air strip in Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan, Canada

Navigating Healthcare Challenges: Balancing Standardization and Cultural Sensitivity in Remote Communities

In these communities, healthcare professionals frequently face resource scarcity and limited staff. To compensate, we utilize best practice policies and work closely with our colleagues to provide effective care. Standardization has played a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive consistent care, irrespective of their geographical location. Nevertheless, we appreciate the significance of adopting unconventional healthcare practices that incorporate cultural and respectful approaches, acknowledging that these community-specific approaches often yield improved health outcomes.-

Chris Triffo Photo from Wavelength Entertainment


Wavelength Entertainment Logo

Christopher Triffo

Christopher Triffo, CSC, a co-founder of Wavelength Entertainment Group, stands as a luminary in the world of filmmaking. His visionary productions have not only advanced healthcare initiatives for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses but have also ignited inspiration among the youth of Pinehouse.

With a prestigious career marked by numerous accolades, including an American Emmy® Award, multiple Gemini Awards, and Best Director and Best Documentary honors, Chris has left an indelible mark on the global film industry. His work has graced illustrious festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival, a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and storytelling.

Amidst his remarkable career, he continues to shine as a beacon of creativity and innovation

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Therapeutic Photography Collaboration: Empowering Mental Wellness

Healthcare professionals, educators, and professional associations interested in exploring therapeutic photography, seeking public speaking engagements, workshops, or further information regarding the creation and implementation of therapeutic photography clubs or organizations, please feel free to reach out

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Portrait of Todd Brown, nurse in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada, standing beside an ambulance overlooking Sandy Bay and the Mamaweetin River
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