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E.J.R Hardy

Blog Writer

As a blog writer for PhotoVibe, E.J. Hardy highlights his remarkable 33-year tenure in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has excelled in roles as both a Non-Commissioned Member and a Commissioned Officer, contributing to the Regular and Reserve Force across branches such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Joint Environments. His extensive experience encompasses various levels of command, including the Tactical, Operational, and Strategic, and includes domestic and international deployments.

Throughout his journey, he has solemnly participated in laying comrades to rest with the Honor Guard, providing support to grieving families during repatriations and funerals, and confronting the harsh realities of losing colleagues. His service has brought him into life-threatening situations, including encounters with enemy soldiers and facing the menacing presence of firearms.

Despite these challenges and sacrifices, E.J. Hardy bears no regrets about his military service. He has had the privilege of exploring the world and experiencing its diverse facets. His unwavering commitment is underscored by his pension, and the enduring love and support of his family have played a pivotal role throughout his journey. The "Soldier's Book of Poems" reflects the profound emotional toll of his service, with his family providing unwavering support.

E.J.R Hardy
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