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Todd Graven

Blogger, Photographer, Llicensed Drone Operator

Meet Todd Graven, an accomplished photographer and licensed drone operator whose heart lies amidst Florida's charm and the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, where he spends most of his year working on a barge in Prince William Sound. With an innate talent for capturing landscapes, wildlife, northern lights, and even real estate, Todd's lens reflects the diverse beauty of nature and the occasional rocket launch.

His profound love for music, once showcased as a DJ, blends seamlessly with his passion for art and photography. His utmost joy is found amidst nature's embrace, spending countless hours outdoors.

Todd's exceptional work has graced prestigious platforms and publications, including features on the City of Valdez's official website, Alaska Magazine's revered photo contest, securing 3rd place in the Alaska Life Category, the esteemed Alaska Frontier Calendar for 2024, and the Discover Valdez 2022 tourism guide. Furthermore, Todd's photographic contributions have been highlighted in the KVAK Valdez radio weekly newsletter in November 2023.

Todd Graven
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