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Northern Lights of Manifestation: Embracing the Law of Attraction

Discover the Radiant Power Within and Explore the Law of Attraction

Samoyed in the Aurora Borealis

DREERWIN Photography

A Tale of Farewell, Burial, and Celestial Commemoration

When our cherished Samoyed passed away at Pinehouse Lake, we honored her by laying her to rest on a serene island. That very night, the Northern Lights graced the sky, their radiant display seemingly embracing her spirit—a remarkable tribute to her presence and the magic she left behind.

Dre Erwin and beloved Samoyed Husky, Nikaya, sharing a moment together

Meet Nikaya, a Samoyed husky

Meet Nikaya, a Samoyed husky whose name embodies the essence of dawn snow. Nikaya wasn't just a pet; she was the sole remnant I carried away from a marriage, amid the weight of bills and house payments that lingered. Together, we ventured to Pinehouse Lake, where I pursued my passion for rural and remote nursing. Her presence became my solace in a new chapter, a steadfast companion amidst life's transitions.

Her Story

Wrapped within the layers of life's unpredictability, Nikaya arrived as a gift for my ex-wife, a beautiful addition to our shared world. However, as the pages of our story turned, fate took its turn, and she became the solitary piece I carried away from a chapter now past. Amidst the debris of a separation, Nikaya emerged as my steadfast companion, a furry beacon of light in a shadowed landscape, holding hope in her gentle eyes.

Together, we ventured to Pinehouse Lake, the vastness of nature embracing us in its tranquility. I embarked on my career in rural nursing, and Nikaya, with her playful spirit, became an integral part of my journey. She wasn't just a loyal friend; she was my confidante in times of solitude and the joy in everyday moments.

As I delved into the art of therapeutic photography, she stood by me, ever curious, exploring the wilderness with that unmistakable joy that only a dog can exude. She was more than a companion; she was a muse, inspiring me to capture the beauty of the world through my lens.

In the turn of events that 2019 brought, our lives took an unexpected turn. Nikaya's vibrant spirit began to wane, and I, too, felt the weight of lethargy creeping in. It was a shared affliction—a silent intruder, carbon monoxide, stealthily invading our sanctuary. Despite my vigilant care, the damage was done, and her health deteriorated.

Her passing left a void that reverberated through the stillness of the lakeside. On the day she departed, we honored her by burying her on the island facing our home. That night, as grief lingered heavy in the air, I set up my camera, hoping to capture the silent poetry of the skies.

In the soft embrace of slumber, the camera silently documented the night's tale. The morning sun brought with it an astonishing revelation. Amidst the vibrant dance of the Northern Lights, the screen revealed Nikaya—her silhouette frolicking in the celestial display. It was a sight that defied belief, a moment where the boundaries between worlds seemed to blur. The footage, shared on CBC Saskatchewan, echoed far beyond, resonating across the country and beyond, a testament to her enduring spirit.

Nikaya's presence, her final dance among the stars, became a story shared by many. Her legacy transcended the confines of time and space, etching itself not just in memory but in the collective heart of those who witnessed her celestial journey. In the wake of her departure, her spirit lives on, a radiant spark amidst the constellations, forever guiding us through life's enigmatic tapestry.

samoyed husky seen in the aurora borealis in pinehouse lake

In the wake of this surreal encounter, Nikaya's celestial dance served as a poignant reminder—a testament to the miracles that grace our existence, often unnoticed amidst life's whirlwind.

It whispered of the wonders that surround us, urging us to pause, to lift our gaze from the mundane, and witness the extraordinary that dances above.

In a world where many are consumed by the humdrum of daily routines, fixated on the screens that tether them to reality, her ethereal display was a gentle nudge to look up, to marvel at the celestial canvas that unfurls above us—a canvas alive with possibilities and untold stories.

Her luminous dance in the Northern Lights stood as a testament to the ineffable mysteries that weave through our lives, a testament to the belief that there's more to our existence than meets the eye. It was a whisper, a gentle affirmation that perhaps, just perhaps, there's an afterlife—a realm where the spirits of our cherished companions find solace, where their essence twinkles in the starry expanse.

Nikaya's story, her miraculous silhouette against the Northern Lights, painted a portrait of hope and wonder, a narrative that traverses the boundaries between this world and the next. It became a beacon of reassurance, a reminder that miracles are not elusive spectacles but rather everyday occurrences that grace our lives, waiting to be noticed and cherished.

"Life's miracles often unfold above us, in the dance of the stars and the wonder of the skies. When we look up, we invite the extraordinary into our world, for the universe rewards those who lift their gaze, ready to embrace the magic that awaits."

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Image: The mesmerizing Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan, Aurora Borealis by Dre Erwin, display
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