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If the law of attraction and therapeutic photography got together and made a baby:



You haven't come this far




to only have come, this far...


focus on what you want in life


therapeutic photography level up


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At Photovibe, we offer a unique blend of therapeutic photography and the Law of Attraction, providing a transformative space where each photo holds the potential for personal growth and healing. Join us to explore curated articles, blogs, and insights shared by a global community of professionals and practitioners. Through our platform, discover how to harness the power of visual expression for intentional living, self-discovery, and manifesting positivity. Embrace the opportunity to unlock your inner potential, foster well-being, and explore the profound impact of Photovibe in your life and the lives of others.

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How Therapeutic Photography is Changing Lifes

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Our CBC Award Winning Documentary

If the law of attraction and therapeutic photography got together and made a baby, delve into 'A New Lens on Life.' Explore how therapeutic photography empowers individuals to heal, rediscover joy, and overcome challenges. Witness transformative stories of youth and individuals breaking away from struggles with drugs and alcohol, finding solace, and discovering happiness.


Be part of this inspiring journey! Follow us to uncover how therapeutic photography is changing lives for the better and how it can change yours!

Experience the Healing Power of Photography!

New lens on life: using photography to heal from trauma
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