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Mission Statement

Using Photography to Inspire Change

At PhotoVibe, our commitment is to promote mental health using the potent tool of therapeutic photography. Centered on enhancing youth well-being and amplifying voices, we strive to raise awareness, offer resources, and advocate for mental health initiatives on a global scale. Through workshops, support networks, and distributing cameras, we empower individuals to heal, express themselves, and harness the law of attraction. Join us in fostering unity, radiating positivity, and creating meaningful impacts within our community and beyond

At PhotoVibe, our mission is to champion mental health and well-being through the transformative practices of therapeutic photography and the law of attraction. We're dedicated to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, encompassing Métis, Cree, and individuals of all ages and walks of life. Through the immersive experience of PhotoVibe, we've witnessed the profound impact on personal growth and mental wellness.

Our commitment lies in nurturing a supportive community that fosters healing, self-expression, and personal development. We offer workshops, resources, and a platform that amplifies the voices of those who have found solace and healing through therapeutic photography.

Our focus extends beyond individual empowerment; we aim to spread awareness and understanding of the law of attraction's role in mental well-being. By integrating these practices, we guide individuals through their journeys from despair to hope, from adversity to empowerment.

PhotoVibe serves as a beacon of positivity, radiating hope, and guiding individuals toward a brighter, more fulfilling life. Join us in this transformative journey, where personal healing, self-discovery, and unity intersect to create a meaningful impact in our global community.

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Closing Statement:

Thank you for joining us in the transformative journey of PhotoVibe. Together, let's nurture inspiration, heal, and empower ourselves and others, whether in our personal growth or professional endeavors. Uncover the inherent beauty within and stand alongside us in sharing it with those who need it most. Your journey to create a positive impact begins right here.

Phot of Dre Erwin and CBC who came up to Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan to film a documentary about the Pinehouse Photography Club


Dre Erwin, and the PhotoVibe Team

PhotoVibe  CEO Dre Erwin, a dedicated Primary Care Nurse, Children's Book Author, and Co-Founder of the Therapeutic Photography Club in Pinehouse Lake.

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Dre Erwin posing for a picture in Regina Saskatchewan wearing a New York Yankees hat and a Dre Erwin Photography Sweater in white
Mountain Cliff Hiker with Dre Erwin

Embark on your PhotoVibe Journey Today!

Get in tune with the transformative power of therapeutic photography. Join us to explore emotional resilience, foster a supportive community, and manifest a brighter, more positive mental landscape. It's time to vibe with PhotoVibe!

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