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Aerial Vistas

Discover Northern Saskatchewan from Above

Embark on a visual journey through Northern Saskatchewan's breathtaking vistas with our collection of aerial photographs showcasing the serene beauty of Pinehouse Lake and Sandy Bay. From panoramic views of tranquil lakes to sweeping landscapes, these aerial images capture the raw allure and captivating essence of these northern gems.

Sand Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sandy Bay Saskatchewan by drone sunset

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A Visual Exploration of Heritage

(Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada by Dre Erwin)

Image Gallery

Image description: A person gazes into a mirror, their reflection depicting a contemplative demeanor, possibly indicating feelings of depression. The mirror's reflection captures a moment of introspection and self-reflection, symbolizing the exploration of the law of attraction and therapeutic photography in Pinehouse Lake, as envisioned by Dre Erwin.

Your predominant focus in life determines your reality.

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Mountain Cliff Hiker with Dre Erwin

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