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Alder navigating the snow-covered boreal forest while tending to his trap line in Pinehouse Lake during winter.

Preserving Tradition Through Photography:

Youth from Pinehouse Engage in Trapping with an Elders

Cultural Diversity

DREERWIN Photography™

Celebrating First Nations and Metis Peoples

Discover the intricate and profound legacy of Canada's First Nations and Métis communities, boasting an extensive history steeped in diverse cultures, profound traditions, and a tapestry of languages cultivated over millennia. As the original stewards of this land, their perspectives and wisdom offer unparalleled insights, enriching our comprehension of the world and our position within it. Despite enduring contemporary challenges and facing historical injustices, the enduring resilience and unwavering strength of these communities stand as a testament to the enduring power found within their culture and collective spirit. Our website is dedicated to fostering a culture of understanding, respect, and admiration for the First Nations and Métis peoples. Through our content and initiatives, we strive to elevate their voices and narratives, amplifying the richness of their heritage and stories.

Indigenous Culture and man wearing traditional first nations attire


Discover Pinehouse Lake, a thriving predominantly Métis community nestled in Saskatchewan. Explore its rich cultural heritage, traditions, and the dynamic spirit that defines this unique corner of the province.

Step into Sandy Bay, a predominantly Cree community in Saskatchewan, and immerse yourself in its deep-rooted First Nations culture. Experience the traditions, stories, and essence that shape this remarkable community.

Welcome to our exploration of the Aurora Borealis. Here, we delve into the cultural significance, myths, and timeless stories behind this celestial marvel. Join us on a journey through indigenous narratives and traditions that illuminate the magic and cultural richness of the Northern Lights

Showcasing the Vibrant Cultures of First Nations and Métis Communities in Canada