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Side view of the Sandy Bay football team competing in the championship game in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan.

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The Northern Village of Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Capturing Healing: The Transformative Lens

Welcome to the Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan Community Photography Page, where we capture the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and the heart and soul of our community. Through the lens, we tell the visual story of Sandy Bay, embracing the rich tapestry of First Nations cultures and celebrating the warm and welcoming people who call this place home. Join us on this remarkable journey that showcases our community's authenticity, heritage, and the unique spirit that makes Sandy Bay an extraordinary place to call home.

Sandy Bay, nestled within the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan, Canada, rests on the banks of the Churchill River, approximately 70 kilometres north of Pelican Narrows. Positioned 190 kilometres northwest of Creighton and Flin Flon via Highway 135 and the Hanson Lake Road, it comprises two integral parts: the Northern Village of Sandy Bay and the Wapaskokimaw 202 Reserve.

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For first nations youth in Sandy Bay Saskatchewan, Canada

This community hosts essential amenities, including a health clinic, a community resource center, a daycare facility, and a comprehensive K-12 school, catering to its population of around 1,200 residents, a quarter of whom belong to the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.