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Traditional Métis and First Nation moccasins at the Pinehouse Lake Elders Gathering

Celebrating Culture and Tradition

The Pinehouse Lake Annual Elder's Gathering 

Official logo of the Métis Nation depicting with the unity symbol

Keeping Cultures Alive

People from at least 11 different communities across Canada gather annually in Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan to celebrate elders , tradition, and culture. 

"We just want all of the northern communities to take part, to bring their elders, and just visit to share stories."
-Chris Hansen

People are taught to cook, prepare fish, carve wood and boat and paddle making at the gathering as well.

A Celebration of People and Culture

Annie, may she rest in peace, was among my favorite elders living in Pinehouse, where I developed a strong bond with many of them, viewing them as an extended family. This connection was deeply personal, a unique relationship I cherished both within the clinic and out in the community. I comprehend why Pinehouse holds its elders dear, and they will forever hold a special place in my heart, including Annie and numerous others I encountered during my time there. I am profoundly grateful for this invaluable gift.

I recall suggesting to CBC that Annie should share her stories, and I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to sharing her legacy. This way, all of you can catch a glimpse of the remarkable woman she was and the invaluable contributions she made to the community.

Canvas Photo of a Pinehouse Lake sunrise during cold winter months

Pinehouse is a testament to natural wonders, encompassing captivating landscapes and the spirited essence of its people. Discover the incredible photography capturing the Northern Lights, mesmerizing sunsets, and more from this remarkable Canadian northern location.

Preserving Our Heritage: First Nations and Métis Elders Through the Lens

Explore the rich heritage of First Nations and Métis elders in Pinehouse Lake and Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, as we delve into the art of photography to preserve and capture their invaluable memories. Join us on a captivating journey that celebrates the cultural tapestry of these communities, revealing the profound impact of photography as a vessel for memory, storytelling, and tradition. Discover the untold stories of our elders, where each image is a glimpse into a world of wisdom and legacy

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