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Man standing in the middle of the aurora borealis near Pinehouse Lake - Gordon Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Introduction to Prescribe Positivity:

Welcome to the heart of positivity at Dre Erwin Photography. "Prescribe Positivity" is more than just a catchy phrase – it's the guiding principle that fuels our mission. As a nurse, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of positivity and well-being on an individual's overall health and recovery. Research shows that those who receive a prescription or recommendation are more likely to take the necessary steps to improve their well-being.

We believe in the transformative power of positivity, unity, and well-being, transcending the boundaries of age, gender, and cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to connect individuals, encourage collaboration, and inspire shared well-being. Together, we harness the profound influence of positivity and the Law of Attraction to cultivate happiness in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan Photography member:  Skyler Lariviere sitting in front of Pinehouse Lake being interviews by reports from CBC Saskatchewan for the documentary called: New Lens on Life"
Your daily dose of positivity is the most powerful prescription you can write for your own well-being


Unlock Joy and Healing through the Power of Gratitude

Why Prescribe Positivity Matters:

Prescribing positivity is more than an abstract idea; it's a prescription for a better life. As a nurse and someone passionate about well-being, I understand the profound impact of positivity on our overall health. It's about fostering happiness, supporting one another, and embracing the Law of Attraction to make our lives more fulfilling. In this section, we delve deeper into this concept, exploring how it can benefit you and those around you.

Join us in this journey of inspiration and growth. Discover how prescribing positivity can lead to a brighter, more harmonious world, one that starts with your presence here. Together, we'll illuminate the beauty in life and share it with those who need it most

AI discovering drugs to prescribe positivity

Scripting Success: Your Prescription is Ready!

Isn't it time for a positive change in the right direction? Don't you owe it to yourself – there is no 'try.'


We're all familiar with the fact that knowledge alone isn't enough; it's the application that truly matters. Many of us explore the concept of the law of attraction and attempt to maintain a positive outlook, but sadly, this is where most individuals hit a roadblock and eventually give up.


Here, we aim to show you how to infuse positivity into your life and the lives of others. This process holds the key to unlocking the secret. Without this key, everything else becomes a futile endeavor.


So, stay connected as we gradually unveil the blueprint for implementing positivity, including a comprehensive and entirely cost-free course. Your only obligation is to support our mission and actively participate.


Stay engaged by sharing your stories and photos, offering feedback, and returning regularly for exclusive, thrilling updates you won't find anywhere else on the internet but right here!

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