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Awe-Inspiring Northern Lights Photography From Across Saskatchewan 2022

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The Allure of Northern Lights Photography

"If you can get beyond some of the dread, heading out on gravel roads or strolling down unbeaten pathways late at night in the middle of nowhere can be such a joy," says Dre Erwin of Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. "Who can say no when the opportunity to watch 'Lady Aurora' make such a spectacular appearance presents itself?" It's never as scary when you have a companion!"


Northern Lights over Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan
Spending the night doing northern light photography was common place, even when we had to work the next day

Dancing Northern Lights

"There's nothing quite like being beneath an aurora storm, especially when it comes on so quickly," Erwin adds. "It can change from pitch dark to light as day in a matter of seconds - but they don't last long, so you have to be looking and ready at all times!" "


Aurora Borealis Dancing in May 2021

No 2 Aurora Geomagnetic Storms are alike

“Every night is different so don't be fooled to think seen one you seen them all" Erwin.


Hanging out with friends and doing aurora photography was a lot of fun in the north

Eerie Image

“It is amazing what you can see when you spend your nights looking at the stars! I've seen everything from angels; strange movements of light; meteors; STEVE; and images of my dog that passed away" - says Erwin


Having a fire on the frozen Pinehouse Lake while doing Night Photography

Stunning Light Show

“I captured this spectacular display of the aurora borealis above Pinehouse Lake a few years ago while we sat back, ate popcorn and drank Tim Hortons. Seems pretty Canadian if you ask me!" - Erwin


Sit back and enjoy the aurora display

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Mountain Cliff Hiker with Dre Erwin

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