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Aurora Borealis in Canada - Gift to the Solitary Tree

In the darkness stands a tree, Alone and strong, yet silently, No company but the cold night air, No solace but the stars up there.

Its branches reach up to the sky, As if to grasp the world up high, But in the blackness it stands alone, A single sentinel, a wooden throne.

But every once in a little while, The aurora comes with a gentle smile, And bathes the tree in a wondrous light, A colorful dance in the dark of night.

The tree stands tall, proud and bright,

In the midst of the aurora's might, And for a moment, it's not alone, But with the beauty of the world shown.

So even in the darkest hour,

When the night holds all its power, The tree stands strong, and knows its worth, For it's blessed with the aurora's birth.

A lone tree silhouetted against the night sky with the breathtaking aurora borealis dancing above—a poetic spectacle.
In the darkness stands a tree,

The poem "Aurora Borealis in Canada - Gift to the Solitary Tree" paints a vivid picture of a lone tree standing strong in the darkness, with no one to keep it company but the stars. The poem beautifully describes the tree's branches reaching up to the sky as if to grasp the world up high, showcasing its resilience and steadfastness even in the bleakest of moments.

But then comes the aurora, a wondrous display of colorful lights that bathes the tree in a new light, transforming it from a solitary figure to a majestic one. The tree, standing tall and proud, is no longer alone but surrounded by the beauty of the world around it.

This poem evokes a sense of hope and beauty in the midst of darkness and loneliness, reminding us that even the most solitary of beings can be blessed with moments of light and wonder. The accompanying photo features a lone tree standing in a vast and dark landscape, with the aurora illuminating the sky above it, creating a breathtaking contrast of light and darkness.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith
16 בינו׳
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Powerful piece. (The teacher in me can easily see it being read as a dramatic monologue or even a choral reading.)


Barbara Monaghan
Barbara Monaghan
17 ביוני 2023
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Love it!

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