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Top 10 aurora photos across the prairies - October 2022

Northern light season has arrived, and we thought it would be fun to celebrate by displaying the top ten northern lights photos from across the Canadian prairies in October 2022.

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Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta all share one feature: big sky country. There were hundreds of beautiful photos posted, therefore it was difficult to choose just a few. So, without further ado, here is your list, beginning with number ten:

10. Nothing speaks more volumes then this picture taken by Judy in Alberta! Nothing is better then sharing these moments with the ones we love. And really, that's why I enjoy sharing as well.

9. A gorgeous photo done by Eric in Cold Lake Alberta - seems like a pretty awesome place to get good aurora borealis pictures if you ask me.

8. The sky is just so amazing, this photo from Brenda had to be included in the top ten aurora photos from October - this one from Saskatchewan.

7. Nothing better then spending time with your dog and watching the northern lights, by Darryl near Turtle Lake Saskatchewan.

.6. We love this photo - the perfect picture done by Hugo just north of Edmonton - nicely done!

5. A photo can say a thousand words and this picture really does. Thanks to Patricia from Manitoba for taking this photo just outside her cabin.

4. Just east of Calgary, Siv took this amazing picture and many other ones including some time-lapse you need to see! An up and comer sort of speak! Thanks for allowing us to use your photo good job!

3. This photo is simple but equally amazing as Ann took the perfect picture, using excellent technique and framing for this one. Check out her page because this theme seems to be consistent and evident in a lot of her work. Good job Ann!

2. At number two, this photo just simply takes your breath away and Dustin from Saskatchewan really did a good job telling a story through the camera with this one. You can feel it cant you!?

1. And number one - this one just simply put is jaw dropping. James knows what he's doing and we are sure happy he came to Saskatchewan to take and share this with all of us. Way to go and congratulations to him, and the other 9 exceptional photos and photographers.

So far, there have been some incredible images, most of which I'm sure Ed Bassmaster would have some choice words for, and the season is only just getting started!

What do you think of the top ten? Do you have a photo that you believe should have been included? Make sure you check out all of their pages and follow the links. Like and share I always say.


Let us know what photos should be included for Novembers top ten northern lights photos across the Canadian prairies!

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Should we do a monthly top ten north America/ or World? You never know...

Thank you!

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Dre Erwin
Dre Erwin
Nov 08, 2022

Thank you all for participating and congrats!!

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