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Rediscovering Joy: A Path from Loss to Gratitude through Therapeutic Photography

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

A person holding a phone, looking down at a dirty bathroom floor. The phone screen displays a photo of the Northern Lights, emphasizing the concept that what we focus on in life is what we attract
Focus Shift: Attracting Positivity through Perspective

In the quiet echoes of our hearts, when the weight of loss or solitude becomes too heavy to bear, there's a whisper, faint but present—a whisper calling out to those who seek solace, a beacon of light amidst the shadows.

You're not alone.

A stunning display of the Northern Lights dancing over a serene lake, showcasing the beauty and therapeutic power of nature's ethereal spectacle.
Aurora Symphony Over Tranquil Waters: Therapeutic Beauty in Nature's Light Show

In a world that often feels overwhelming, where each day seems to carry the weight of our losses and sorrows, there's a whisper of hope. It's a whisper I've felt in my own journey, and I'm here to share it with you.

You're not forgotten.

Loss, whether of a loved one or a piece of our heart, can lead us down a path of endless scrolling, seeking solace in the digital world. The journey through grief can be isolating, a journey many of us face.

Two individuals paddling in a canoe as the sun sets over the lake, a serene and picturesque scene captured by Jenna Natomagan
Evening Serenity: Paddling Towards Healing Horizons

But what if I told you that this path needn't be solitary? That in the midst of our shared sorrow, we are not alone. This blog isn't just a beacon; it's a bridge to a community that has weathered similar storms.

Our journey doesn't end in sadness; it takes a turn towards solace, towards healing, towards gratitude. Therapeutic photography isn't just about capturing moments; it's about finding light in the darkness, joy in the midst of sorrow.

I view the Northern Lights as a secret conversation, something only a few truly hear. It's like a silent reminder: "there's always a glimmer of hope, always a guiding light."

someone standing in the cold with a blanket over her back, looking at the aurora borealis over  in the sky of Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan, northern Canada
"Never give up!"

We extend a hand, inviting you to pause, to see beyond the veil of sadness, and to find solace.

This blog isn't just a page of words; it's a haven for those seeking healing, inspiration, and, most importantly, hope. At our website, we've built a forum, a sanctuary where stories are shared, empathies are found, and lives are transformed.

The light in the midst of shadows.

Once we're done, we will show you how to use this knowledge to start helping others like yourself, and then the magic really begins. Come, join us in this journey. Together, let's explore the healing potential of therapeutic photography, the power of gratitude, and the path from loss to light.

Join us as we explore the healing potential of therapeutic photography and the path to joy.


I don't see myself as the typical author. I'm not here seeking monetary gains, although we do offer some merchandise, contributing to essentials like cameras for youth in rural and remote parts of our country. Similar to my work as a nurse, where I dedicate myself to the service of others, here too, I volunteer my time, committed to aiding those who are seeking solace. I have personally experienced the power of healing, and it’s this experience, coupled with witnessing the struggles of youth dealing with despair and helplessness, that fuels my dedication. Just like in my profession as a nurse, my intention here is to extend a hand, to make a difference, not for personal reward, but for the profound satisfaction that comes from simply helping others.

Dre Erwin instructing a photography session at Pinehouse Lake, sharing the art and joy of capturing life's moments.
Be it treating injuries, stitching open wounds, or dedicating spare moments to advocate for the profound impact of therapeutic photography...

Expressing thoughts and feelings can be a challenging journey for many. That's where therapeutic photography stands as a key asset. Whether it's a quick shot captured on a phone or meticulously composed with a professional camera, the essence remains the same. Your moments, your emotions. You have the power to decide—keep them as personal tokens or share them with the world. It's all in your hands.

Thank you!


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