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The Aurora Borealis in Saskatchewan: Regina Has Northern Lights!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Imagine growing up and not knowing there was something this amazing and magical in the sky at night! Well that's me: and it's the story for so many people, even those in the far north believe it or not.

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, I never knew we could see the northern lights frequently in southern Saskatchewan until just recently. One can always "enhance" a picture to make the northern lights look brighter then they were, but these pictures are basically straight out of the camera!

aurora borealis over Regina Saskatchewan
A View of Regina and the Aurora Borealis

We decided to take a drive a few minutes north of the Regina after noticing on Facebook that Iceland got a good show a few hours ago. Hint: this is usually more predicable and a better indication of aurora display, then any app might be ;)

Northern Lights over Southern Saskatchewan
Aurora Hunting near Condie Nature Preserve

It wasn't until I moved back home from northern Saskatchewan was I able to witness them here for myself in southern Saskatchewan, and wow, I wasn't disappointed!

Sometimes miracles occur when we don't even notice | Aurora Hunting Saskatchewan
Look up in Life

We almost left Condie Nature preserve before the northern lights got really good - another reminder that perseverance always pays off. I felt bad for all the people who left before us. Perseverance" something I learned doing aurora borealis photography up north. Sometimes it might suck having to stand around and wait for something that might never happen - maybe it's a bit of faith as well.

Man standing beside a lake at night with the aurora dancing in the sky near Regina Saskatchewan
Perseverance is key to getting Good Northern Lights Pictures

Maybe it's that we often are looking down in life or maybe too busy living in city life, we fail or forget to look up from time to time. Regardless, it was pretty exciting to see them here and I am glad to have got some footage for everyone to enjoy.

Aurora borealis dancing over southern Saskatchewan
Northern Lights over Condie Nature Preserve | Saskatchewan

Northern lights over Regina Saskatchewan
Aurora hunting in Saskatchewan on a warm fall evening

I'd love to see your pictures - please share anytime!

The Northern Lights are one nature’s greatest displays of true beauty. Also known as Aurora Borealis these dramatic and brilliant waves of color dance in the cool night sky in shades of blue, purple, yellow, red, green or pink. The natural phenomenon is caused by the sun’s charged particles interacting with the molecules and atoms in the atmosphere on earth. The variations in color are related to the type of gas particles colliding, with the most common a yellow-ish green. Aurora Borealis is stronger and more visible during the colder months and timing is crucial. Remote communities without light pollution are ideal locations for Northern Light viewing as is a clear sky without clouds. Auroras occur not only on planet earth but on other worlds in the solar system such as Jupiter and Neptune. But for now lets focus on top viewing locations in Canada. So bundle up in your warmest parka, grab your Tim Horton’s coffee and be on the lookout for wild moose, Eh?
Northern Lights in Canada

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19 thg 12, 2023
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Love these photos of the northern lights in canadan beautiful


Dre Erwin
Dre Erwin
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Thank u

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