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Look Closely - Mindfulness in Photography

Updated: Jan 13

a moth on fruit

A lot of times, when family and friends look at my photos, I hear a similar phrase, “How did you even notice that?” Or, “I can’t believe you even saw that.”

And I usually reply with, “ I look closely.” It took time to foster this mindset of 'Mindfulness,' (one of the advantages of "Therapeutic Photography". See link below to Dre Erwin's post about all five advantages.). It meant slowing down, stopping, being quiet. Basically, being purposeful about finding things that amaze, inspire and point to the Creator who made them.

And quite frankly, it makes me feel very joyful and thankful when I discover something new like this Webworm Moth.

It’s exciting too, to see the details and intricacies of something I love and see often, like my great niece’s eye. There's even a reflection of the window she's looking through in it.

a close up of a blue eye

The macro lens has really helped. I would have never been able to take a photo of these snowflakes on my coat jacket with out it. I’m not exaggerating how awestruck I was not only when I was taking that photo, but even now downloading it here.

macro photo of snow

Which advantage/s listed in Dre's article below resonate for you? I'd love to have a conversation. -Cindy


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Mountain Cliff Hiker with Dre Erwin

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