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How Therapeutic Photography Can Help Youth With Social Isolation

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

In the world today, many youth are left with fear, anxiety and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jordon Smith from Pinehouse Photography Club

Coronavirus is also a serious mental health problem. The stress of the pandemic can exacerbate the symptoms of people who are already suffering from mental illness, as well as trigger mental illnesses such as anxiety in others. While we must maintain physical isolation, we do not need to maintain social distance as a community in modern times because we can safely communicate online. There are still a variety of ways to communicate with one another, including calling, texting, and Facetime.

Pinehouse photography club youth outing

While maintaining social isolation and distancing, there are many other things youth can do to keep occupied. Such as: take pictures, go for a walk, write, read, bake, cook, spend time with family, play games, exercise at home, watch movies, and so on.

In northern, rural and remote communities, such as Pinehouse, finding solitude is often fairly easy to do. We recommend youth and people to get outside at least once a day on their own, and go for a walk on the track or out onto the lake while keeping your distance. Try connecting with nature, even taking pictures. Share your pictures with others. Get some exercise and vitamin D as long as you can do it safely, distancing yourself from others, and remembering to wash your hands as directed.

Youth from Pinehouse using therapeutic photography

Pinehouse Photography Club situated in Pinehouse Lake, uses therapeutic photography. With a studio and a director running the club, youth can use cameras and equipment to have a lot of fun.

Charlene Halkett Pinehouse Lake

"Yesterday we started a challenge for Canadians to build their bubble of protection & #StayInsideYourBubble. We need to maintain this zone of protection around us to keep COVID-19 out. Ideally, each of us builds our own 2-metre radius bubble. But couples, families, & other cohabitants can create a bubble with 2, 4 or more people all keeping to one bubble." -Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Medical Health Officer

We'd love to see your physical distancing bubbles Saskatchewan!

Morgan Tinker fomr Pinehouse Photography Club


If you are ever feeling sad, confused, anxious, alone, or have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact:

Call a counsellor: 1-800-668-6868

Text CONNECT to 686868

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