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Canada is the Most Magical Place to See the Northern Lights 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular displays of true majesty. These emotive and spectacular streams of coloring, also known as Aurora Borealis, dance in the cool night sky in colors of blue, purple, yellow, red, green, or pink. The irregularity is caused by the sun's energetic particles interacting with the atoms and molecules in the planet's air.

The different shades are related to the different types of gas particles that smash, with the most well-known being a yellowish green. During the colder months, the Aurora Borealis is more grounded and visible, and timing is critical.

Auroras happen on planet earth as well as on different universes in the planetary group like Jupiter and Neptune. Be that as it may, for the present gives center around top survey areas access Canada. So wrap up in your hottest parka, get your Tim Horton's espresso and be keeping watch for wild moose, Eh?

Where to see the lights in Canada

There are five key provinces and territories in Canada where catching sight of the elusive phenomena is almost guaranteed.


Churchill, in the far north of Manitoba, boasts ideal Northern Lights viewing conditions on almost 300 nights a year thanks to its location directly beneath the Aurora oval itself.

Relax at Churchill Wild's Seal River Heritage Lodge or Dymond Lake Eco Lodge, where the friendly staff will make sure you don't miss a chance to enjoy the lights. The Churchill Hotel will arrange a night in an Aurora vault - a warmed plexiglass bubble located away from the town's light pollution to provide free views of the incredible show - for an experience you'll never forget.

Saskatchewan and Alberta

Some of the best northern lights in Canada can be seen in these 2 provinces, mainly because of how the aurora arch hits these two provinces.

Northern Lights in Saskatchewan
Northern Lights in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, you'll find a lot of Northern Lights action north of Saskatoon. In this region of the province, there are 11 provincial parks open all year. Pinehouse Lake and La Ronge, as well as the Paws'n'Paddles Wilderness Tours, are two wonderful sites to start your Northern Lights journey. Saskatchewan's license plate slogan, "Land of the Living Skies," is certainly true.

The Yukon

The most north westerly of Canada’s territories is sparsely populated and has minimal light pollution – stellar conditions for Aurora Borealis sightings. The show is at its best here in the beginning of winter, under the pitch-black sky and better still when you’re watching from an outdoor hot tub.

At the Northern Lights Resort & Spa you can observe the northern lights from that hot tub, a teepee, or a cozy cabin with expansive glass walls. Alternatively, keep warm by a wood-fired barrel stove while you wait for the show to begin on a tour organized with Northern Tales Travel Service.

For the best photo opportunities, head to the Midnight Dome in Dawson City – a scenic spot that overlooks the Yukon River and epic Klondike Valley, Aurora blazing overhead.

Northwest Territories/Nunavut

A 2-hour departure from Vancouver on the northern shores of Great Slave Lake, the capital of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, lies inland so it's typically liberated from murkiness and cloud ­-fundamental for the most clear view. As a matter of fact, the view is obvious to the point that the Northwest Territories normal 240 evenings every extended period of ideal aurora seeing circumstances.

Aurora searchers as a rule stay in inns like The Explorer or Chateau Nova prior to branching away to a survey area. Floor covering up well - or enjoy Aurora Village's fire-warmed Teepee experience.

Further off-framework, the eco-grant winning Blachford Lake Lodge and Wilderness Resort is available just through a 25-minute bushplane departure from Yellowknife and offers hotel or log-lodge convenience with in-house gourmet experts.

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