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No further thoughts of suicide | Pinehouse Lake

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Keara Tinker is a 17 year old from Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. Keara joined the Pinehouse Photography Club late last year and has found the club and photography very useful. "Photography changed my life!" says Tinker, "before I didn’t know how to look at life because I was at a that point of depression. I was cutting my arms thinking about suicide often and I was always putting my self down".

therapeutic photography

"Therapeutic photography increases self esteem and self worth"

Now an active youth and member in the club, Keara utilizes therapeutic photography techniques to help prevent mental health issues, such as depression and thoughts of suicide. Tinker says that she was scared at first to try something new. "I was to scared to go there until they opened the studio near by my house".

therapeutic photography

"I dont think of my depression anymore. I don’t cut my arms anymore. I don’t think of suicide anymore," Tinker.

Therapeutic photography changes the way youth see their lives. Instead of looking down, and focusing on negativity, they begin to see the beauty all around themselves. "I am starting to take pictures of my beautiful home town and now everyone (I see) is beautiful and pretty," Tinker. "I love taking pictures now!"

Tinker encourages all youth to be brave and try something new. Photography helps "you see life differently and it's a lot of fun!" Tinker.

therapeutic photography

The Pinehouse Photography Club is a division of the Canadian PhotoHealth Authority, which utilizes therapeutic photography to help prevent and deal with youth mental health problems and/or addiction. Statistically, the non-profit organization engages over 300 youth a month in Pinehouse and is focused on spreading more awareness to other communities and government officials that there is more options that can be explored to even prevent mental health problems before they occur.

therapeutic photography

More more information, you can like Keara's photogoraphy page In the Moment" on Facebook.

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