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Newly discovered "Adam" seen in the night sky over Pinehouse Lake

"Adam" phenomenon was recently witnessed in the early hours of Aug 26th, 2018 near Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan.

Clouds occupied most of the sky until about 1am when a group of aurora hunters backed up their gear and drove all across town and out into the country to get their shots.

Pinehouse Lake

Aurora hunter Jon Ray describes what he saw: "Well we were out late last night and all through the morning when we witnessed this wriggly part of Steve. That's when we decided it needed a name too. So what better name then Adam and Steve lol". Jon says Steve is often a line and rarely has these wriggly waves in them.

Steve likely forms when electrically-charged particles from the sun collide with magnetic energy found in Earth’s atmosphere. It streaks across the sky at a speed of approximately 21,600 km/h

Jon Ray says, "it's just an amazing experience being out there you know. We never know when it's going to get good or even if it will. So there is a lot of standing and waiting going on...Lots of excitement too :)"

The group hopes to go out again this week and witness "Adam" and Steve once again.

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