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A Soldier's Book of Poems: Poems 11 & Twelve.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Live in Peace

What kind of world is this

What kind of people are we

Where people live in hiding

Where people are not free

Imagine what they’re going through

Just to live day by day

Is this showing our humanity

To make them live this way

Political instability

And countries far in debt

It seems we can’t control

Sometimes we even regret

Terrorists are out killing

They think that they are just

Would you want them as your neighbour

Would you give them any trust

What kind of world do we live in

Where children die every day

Would you want your children

Growing up in this way

We have to do something

About the world in its current state

There’s far too much killing

Too much hunger, too much hate

We have to end this insanity

We have to write a new lease

We have to stop this madness

We need to live in peace. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Piece of Ground

In the heat of battle

Men are dying

Some are wounded

Some are crying

Smoke is rising

In the air

Panic sets in


The mission is

To seek and destroy

They give the order

To deploy

The enemy is

Straight to the front

They’re on the prowl

You’re on the hunt

Two sides collide

In the dead of night

Full of anger

Full of fright

In the confusion

You charge ahead

You look behind

Your friend is dead

When the smoke clears

And you look around

What have you gained

But a piece of ground.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As noted before, I did not place my name and date of completion with my earlier poems. However, all of the poems from my book are copyright protected.


I would be starting 1991, with a new Military Trade, a new wife and a new life. That is where I left you on my last post. After changing my trade/occupation, and completing my new trades training, I and my new wife headed to Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Masset, British Columbia (BC), Canada. Isolated in the former Queen Charlotte Islands, now known as Haida Gwaii. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Haida Gwaii, and would move back there in a heartbeat, if my wife would only agree. Within the first year of our marriage, my wife was pregnant. The Military Hospital in Masset is only equipped to handle routine medical procedures. Therefore, specialty appointments, like an ultrasound of an expecting mother, are completed in Prince Rupert, BC. It is a 6 hour ferry ride, or the 45 minute flight. Unfortunately, the procedure identified our first child to be Stillborn. Not a happy event, or time, to go through. Two months after the loss of our first, I completed my first and only tour to CFS Alert. Which, is located on Ellesmere Island at latitude 82°30'05" north, 817 kilometres from the North Pole, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. It is the northernmost continuously inhabited place in the world. The next year, my wife gave birth to our first daughter. Because the Masset Hospital did not have the level of resources to handle some issues, My wife was transferred to the CFB Esquimalt, BC, Military Hospital. This policy is in place because if any major issue arose during birth, and there was bad weather, you would not be able to fly to the Hospital. Therefore, my wife was flown to Esquimalt two weeks before the due date.

Earlier that year, I had fallen and suffered a broken left Ulna. After 16 weeks, in 4 separate casts, I was flown to Esquimalt to see a Surgeon. My wife spent 1 week in Esquimalt prior to my coming down. During my appointment with the Surgeon, he indicated that the arm has not been set correctly and I would need to have a steel plate put in. I asked the Doctor when that would be, his answer was "today, in three hours". My response was, "normally Doc, I would like that answer. Unfortunately, my wife is in labour as we chat. So, I need to be with her. We made my surgery appointment for the next month.

Once in labour, my wife was transferred to Victoria General Hospital, where she gave birth to our first child. Just two days after returning to Masset, the Unit Sergeant-Major called my house and asked me if I wanted a posting to CFB Esquimalt. A few months later, we were living in Langford, a community part of the Greater Victoria City. So here I was, an Army/Land Element Soldier, now posted to Maritime Forces Pacific Intelligence. I certainly did not foresee that coming when I was an Air Defence Detachment Commander.

I will continue my story in the next blog.


E.J.R. Hardy.

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