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Autumn's Aurora: Inspiring Northern Lights Over Condie Nature Refuge, Near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Dre Erwin



Nestled near the vibrant city of Regina in Saskatchewan, the Condie Nature Refuge emerges as a sanctuary for both wildlife and the human spirit. In the heart of fall, as the leaves gracefully tumble, the night skies above Condie come alive with the captivating Northern Lights. This enchanting display of celestial colors serves as a profound reminder of the enduring beauty that surrounds us.

Under the starry canopy, we find ourselves amidst an inspiring spectacle of auroras that defy the ordinary. As the lights dance and weave their patterns, the cares of the world seem to fade away. It's a moment of serenity and reconnection with nature's magnificent wonders.

Kanika Starr

Kanika Starr

I love seeing Dre Erwin's beautiful pictures of the northern lights, so relaxing

Mike Natomagan

Mike Natomagan

It's amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it

Jessica Lynne Sinkewicz

Jessica Lynne Sinkewicz

Dre's photography always jumps out at me as Im scrolling through the facebook! The imagry and colors are always spectacular. He captures the beauty in the world, that so often gets overlooked.

Rora Love

I love your photos! Makes me miss home

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