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Welcome to my world of visual storytelling. Through the lens, I've captured moments, emotions, and the beauty of life. I invite you to explore this portfolio, where every image has a tale to tell. Let the images speak, and may they resonate with your own stories and experiences. This portfolio is a dynamic canvas, continuously evolving with fresh captures and new narratives. Stay tuned for regular updates, as we embark on an ever-changing visual journey together. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me

Ren Lukoni

Ren Lukoni

Such talent! Amazing photos & person. Love his work & how he helps others too. Highly recommend!

Robert Paul name with testimonial for Dre Erwin using therapeutic photography.

Robert Paul

I love all of the magnificent photography from Saskatchewan! Dre Erwin is a remarkable artist! I particularly enjoy his incredible work with the Northern Lights and the beautiful Plains of Saskatchewan

Charlotte's Photos Paturel

A positive encouraging dedicated photographer. great role model for helping show people how photography can be so therapeutically helpful !!! Amazing photos

Pat Schundria

Pat Schundria

The photos are beyond amazing!! Sooo many people only ever dream, about seeing the Northern Lights, and these photos, are dream worthy!! Thanks Dre!!

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