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Northern Lights of Gratitude: How Saskatoon's Grade 2 Students Shine Bright with Art and Inspiration

Oct 12, 2023

Kim Jennings

Leanne Schappert's 'Gratitude is My Attitude' Approach Transforms Classrooms into Aurora Art Studios

In the heart of Saskatoon, a Grade 2 teacher named Leanne Schappert is lighting up her classroom with creativity and positivity, all thanks to a unique approach she fondly refers to as "Gratitude is my attitude." Inspired by the transformative work of Dre Erwin, Leanne has found an extraordinary way to combine the magic of art with the principles of the Law of Attraction.

The result? Her students, too, are experiencing the radiant beauty of the Northern Lights, not just in the skies but on canvas as well.

Dre Erwin, a renowned artist and advocate of therapeutic photography, has long been an inspiration to Leanne. Drawing from Dre's philosophy, she has woven the Law of Attraction into her teaching methods. "What an inspiration!" Leanne exclaims, as she watches her Grade 2 students shine with newfound creativity and gratitude.

The project started with Dre Erwin's work as the foundation. His breathtaking captures of the Northern Lights served as a wellspring of inspiration for Leanne's young learners. Together, they studied his work, learned about the science and wonder behind the auroras, and even practiced meditative techniques. Leanne Schappert explains, "We wanted the children to understand that they could manifest their own beautiful visions, just like the Northern Lights."

Under Leanne's guidance, her students have transformed their classroom into an aurora art studio. Armed with paintbrushes, vivid colors, and a newfound sense of gratitude, these Grade 2 artists have embarked on their creative journey. Their canvas becomes a reflection of their thoughts, dreams, and desires.

The process of creating their own Northern Lights-inspired art has allowed the children to delve into the limitless possibilities of their imagination. Leanne explains, "They've learned that what you focus on can truly become your reality. With every brushstroke, they manifest their visions, and the results are nothing short of spectacular."

The 'Gratitude is my attitude' approach fosters an atmosphere of positivity and self-expression, giving children a powerful tool to understand their emotions and unleash their artistic potential. And, as Leanne Schappert beautifully puts it, "It's incredible to see how these young minds have grasped the essence of gratitude as they paint their way to inspiration."

Leanne Schappert's innovative teaching methods have not only awakened a love for art in her students but have also instilled in them the belief that they can create their own wonders, just like the Northern Lights in the night sky. Dre Erwin's work, combined with Leanne's dedication and the Law of Attraction, has truly set these Grade 2 students on a radiant path of creativity and gratitude. As they continue to paint their visions of the Northern Lights, they are not just embracing art but the boundless power of a positive attitude.

In the end, it's evident that "Gratitude is my attitude" isn't just a slogan; it's a way of life, skillfully taught by an exceptional teacher in Saskatoon. The Northern Lights may be a natural phenomenon in the northern skies, but in Leanne Schappert's classroom, they've become an artistic and inspirational journey for all to witness.

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